American Society of Anesthesiologists

Schaumburg, Illinois / United States of America

The 72,000 SF headquarters building for the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) is a stack of three precisely detailed volumes set in an enhanced natural landscape to accommodate a conference center, an archival library and museum, and flexible office space. A small lake along the west edge of the site affords views and a gently sloping topography reflected in the building design. The more public first floor steps down toward the lake, housing the conference center, dining and museum; all are arranged to take advantage of views and daylight. Perforated steel cladding and deeply recessed glazing selectively reveal the public functions of the ground floor. New landscaping and mature trees along the lake’s edge, a semi-enclosed patio and a path ringing the water contribute to use of the site. The sky-lit atrium connects all floors and is the heart of the building. From grade, where the Wood Library and Museum describes the foundation and growth of the anesthesiology profession, monumental stairs lead to the second floor central square shared by members, staff and visitors. Flexible office spaces surround the atrium on the second and third floors; glass enclosed conference spaces buffer focused work areas from more collaborative activities.

Architect of Record


Associate Architect

Tilton Kelly + Bell LLC


American Society of Anesthesiologists

General Contractor

Skender Construction


  • WMA Consulting
  • Lipp A/V Design Inc.
  • Halvorson and Partners