Adjustable Forms, Inc.

Lombard, Illinois / United States of America

This project is an expanded warehouse and office building for a cast-in-place concrete contractor.  The building was designed to showcase its owner's talents and capabilities, while optimizing the practical aspects of the program in a sustainable way.  A perforated zinc sunshade allows a for softly day-lit space with a western exposure while mitigating cooling load. This feature becomes the primary street facade and an abstract representation of the steel form work being lifted from the cast concrete.

Many casting methods were explored and utilized throughout construction, including coloration, textures, grinding, and polishing.  Despite the precvalence of exposed exterior wall construction, a continuous insulation plane was maintained through an ingenious cantilevered slab-edge detail.

Architect of Record

DLR Group


Adjustable Forms, Inc.

General Contractor

Adjustable Forms, Inc.


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