Acibadem University

Istanbul, N/A / Turkey

As Istanbul reestablishes itself as a global center, its institutions are
keeping apace. Acibadem Healthcare Group, Turkey's leading private
healthcare provider, is rethinking the basics: caregiver education. At
Acibadem University, a 60,000 SM facility in central Istanbul, the
paradigm has shifted to a team approach, in which doctors and nurses
share a single facility.

The integrated model is apparent in this urban campus. Including
residential, recreational, dining, research, and learning functions
stacked into a compact footprint, the campus spans five interconnected
buildings set back from a street and oriented around a central green
space. The program moves from most private (residential) to most public
(academic) as the campus unfolds. Rich hues of terra-cotta signal private
uses. As it recedes, terra-cotta becomes a grille before giving way
entirely, in academic areas, to a shimmering facade of dichroic glass. A
dynamic composition of stepped volumes, wrapped in colorful glass, the
facade honors the city's multilayered past and echoes the bustle of its

Counterpunctual to the excitement are moments of pause and reflection.
Balconies supply needed privacy. Intimate spaces inside the stately
library facilitate focused learning. And plentiful green spaces, along
with projecting facade elements, blur the lines between inside and

Architect of Record

Lina Architecture

Associate Architect

Forum Studio


Acibadem Healthcare Group

General Contractor

Acibadem Project Management