500 Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The enclosure of the parking garage at 500 Lake Shore Drive offers an elegantly proportioned, finely detailed expression that adds an aesthetic flourish to a structure often designed with only economy in mind. The design of this ten story,100-foot high structure adds visual interest to the Streeterville neighborhood’s streetscape, while its terrace offers high-end amenities to the tower’s residents. The garage façade is comprised of 10’ x 2’ laminated glass panels, each held in place by four metal clips bolted to vertical mullions. The one inch wide open joint between glass panels allows the garage to breathe and dissipate exhaust fumes. A twelve inch air space separates the glass panels from the concrete frame, with a vehicle barrier providing a floor perimeter safety measure. The exterior expression includes subtle vertical stripes that mirror the expression on the tower’s curtain wall, establishing a visual connection between the two structures. The translucent glass reveals the activity of vehicular movement inside, and glows from within like a jewel box at night. The LEED Gold certified 500 Lake Shore Drive incorporates a high-performance building enclosure, a living green wall, efficient building systems, daylighting, a green roof, and lush landscaping of native species.

Architect of Record

Solomon Cordwell Buenz


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General Contractor

Lend Lease


  • Magnusson Klemencic Associates
  • Cosentini Associates
  • Robert Pope Associates