Xiasha Strip, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen

Shenzhen, N/A / China

Competition entry for 150-hectare seaside resort in Shenzhen. Organised by the Binhai Authority of Shenzhen. The project would have created an international tourist destination and ecological seaside resort on the Dapeng Peninsula. The brief called for designs which work with the existing terrain and 
ecological conditions of the area. The project sought to establish a major conservation zone for ecological and biological resources. 
A demonstration area for China's marine and scientific development industries was also planned.

Sustainability Stewardship

Submission builds upon a Chinese built tradition and sense of place, using traditional, indigenous materials and building methods.

The design works with the existing natural landscape and Shenzhen's natural geology and includes a comprehensive range of sustainability features within the development.

Architect of record

Alan Dunlop
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