Woodland Dune Home

Bridgman, Michigan / United States of America

Perched on a steep forested dune, this weekend retreat successfully balances the competing goals of accessibility low on the slope and sweeping views higher up. By siting the home as high as could be reached by car, and locating the master bedroom suite and common areas midway between a lower-level garage and upper-level guest rooms, the owners contend with only a short flight of stairs.

To minimize disturbance to the fragile dune, three overlapping pavilions cantilever from a retaining wall that runs along the uphill edge of the house. The transparent center pavilion makes the forest behind the home visible during the day and glows like a lantern after dusk. At each end, solid pavilions contain the guest and master suites, providing privacy from the road below while opening up to the forest behind. A small terrace on the uphill side of the house was created by inserting fill behind the retaining wall.

Built for just $245/SF, the home integrates a variety of common, off-the-shelf products to create an environment that balances accessibility, livability and sustainability; serving the needs of its owners today and well in to their retirement.

Architect of record

Scott Rappe
Kuklinski + Rappe Architects
1915 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60622, United States
Phone: 773-276-5700

General contractor

Mick Strebeck
Olson Brothers Construction
829 Chambers Street, PO Box 3130
South Haven, MI 49090, USA
Phone: 269-637-4494

Consultant 1

Jim Senffner
Senffner & Associates
936 Beach Avenue
La Grange Park, IL 60526, USA
Phone: 708-533-8549


Steve Hall
Hedrich Blessing Photographers
400 North Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60642, USA
Phone: 312-419-1101

Photographer 2

Georgi Ivanov
Ivanov Photography
1400 N. Maplewood Ave, 3F
Chicago, IL 60622, USA
Phone: 773-963-4553