Veterans Memorial Building

Cedar Rapids, Iowa / United States of America

Located in the middle of the Cedar River, the Cedar Rapids Veterans Memorial Building (110,000 sf) suffered damage to 70% of its structure and interior during a catastrophic flood in 2008.

We were hired by the Veterans Memorial Commission to restore the building and reprogram the interior, in four phases. The project converted what had been the government offices into a thriving building focused on providing healing spaces (and economic generators) for Veterans, and public spaces for community use.

The building's entry features a stunning stained glass memorial window by Grant Wood. The window is dominated by a woman (an allegory for the Republic, Peace and Victory, or Mourning), and under her, fields of corn and soldiers from the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the American Civil War, and World War I.

The restored structures house: 
• military museum 
• auditorium (seats for 3,000) 
• conference center with spaces for Veteran peer mentoring 
• offices for Veteran behavioral and physical therapy 
• food pantry for homeless Veterans 
• ballroom 
• restaurant 
• serving kitchen (caters to 500) 
• offices 
• parking garage 
• public green 
• replaced mechanical, electric, and plumbing systems