Student High Rise Residence

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

here are six Colleges and Universities within two blocks of the site. The student housing building brings an urban student population together, contributing to a vibrant 24/7 University district. The structure features 224 apartments, 143 parking spaces, 20,000sf retail space and a roof deck. The concept synthesizes program and market requirements geared toward a living/learning population in a dense environment.

The planning typology is driven by cost per bed rather than sf per unit. The most cost effective units are the smallest (studios) and the largest (four bedrooms). These two alternative floor plans maximize the efficiency of the optimal unit types. A long skinny plan accommodates large shared units that require significant exterior surface for light and ventilation while a deeper plan for smaller interior units allows for relatively more bathroom and kitchen space per bedroom. The massing strategy supports both footprints and creates a community of elements that support the range of offerings.

Even at 30 stories, the design is an infill building seen in glimpses rather than a whole composition. Maximizing the smallest and largest units allow for an arrangement that optimizes both in discrete fragments, resulting in a bold building with a cohesive single identity.

Architect of record

Avram Lothan
Lothan Van Hook DeStefano Architecture LLC
57 West Grand Ave., Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60654, usa
Phone: 312-765-7303