Sowwah Square

Abu Dhabi, N/A / United Arab Emirates

As designated by Abu Dhabi's 2030 urban framework plan, the five-building, 290,000-square-meter Sowwah Square complex defines the anchor for the new CBD. Comprising four office towers and the headquarters building for the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the complex strives to create a signature image for downtown while also promoting a public presence and emphasizing sustainability.

The initial building program heights were relatively modest, and their combined footprint occupied a majority of the site. In order to provide a more distinguished skyline profile and relieve the streetscape, the buildings were raised 27 meters. The resulting design frames slender pairs of 31- and 37-story towers around a stock exchange building that sits on distinctive piers. At plaza level, the buildings sparingly touch the site, and indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly blend to create a large, landscaped, pedestrian-friendly environment. In addition, the complex integrates a two-level, 33,000-square-meter high-end shopping center and structured parking for 5,000 cars.

Architect of record

James Goettsch
Goettsch Partners
224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 17
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
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General contractor

Daniel Dorville
Oger Abu Dhabi
PO Box 35656
Abu Dhabi, N/A N/A, United Arab Emirates
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Fax: 97126813233

Consultant 1

David Chambre
Oger International
Building H, Ground Floor, 98, Boulevard Victor Hugo
Clichy-sur-Seine, N/A 92110, France
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Consultant 2

Dan Murphy
Environmental Systems Design, Inc.
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Consultant 3

Robert Stadler
Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.
330 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 1500
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Consultant 4

Sarah Graham
Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd.
Helix Building, Kelvin Campus , West of Scotland Science Park
Glasgow, N/A N/A, United Kingdom
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Consultant 5

Martha Schwartz
Martha Schwartz Partners, Ltd.
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Consultant 6

Steve Margulies
OneLux Studio, LLC
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Consultant 7

Tom Terhaar
Jenkins & Huntington, Inc.
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Lester Ali
Lester Ali Photography
8 Street Studios
Dubai, N/A N/A, United Arab Emirates
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Photographer 2

Michele Nastasi
Michele Nastasi Photography
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