Sowwah Square

Abu Dhabi, N/A / United Arab Emirates

Thermal Pillow Double Facade

Goettsch Partners has designed and delivered a unique double wall facade system for the 3 million square foot Sowwah Square development in Abu Dhabi UAE.

The double wall cavity is used as a building extract air pathway providing a thermal pillow effect which eliminates all possibility of re-radiated heat internal to the office areas.

Further mitigation of direct radiation and glare is resolved through the use of an operable and retractable active solar shade system within the ventilated cavity connected to the BMS which follows direct solar exposure.

By combining the "free cooling" provided by the office extract air pathway and active cavity blinds, the four tower project has realized a net energy load savings of over 7,000kwh per day.

The end result provides unequaled thermal comfort for office occupants during all times of the day with unparalleled and unobstructed views through floor to ceiling glass in the most environmentally challenging conditions.

Daylight harvesting is optimized providing further lighting load savings. Combined with solar sensors and smart lighting ballasts, office lighting during business hours is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Architect of record

James Goettsch
Goettsch Partners
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Chicago, IL 60604, USA
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General contractor

Daniel Dorville
Oger Abu Dhabi
PO Box 35656
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Consultant 1

David Chambre
Oger International
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Dan Murphy
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Robert Stadler
Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.
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Consultant 4

Sarah Graham
Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd.
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Martha Schwartz
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Consultant 6

Steve Margulies
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Consultant 7

Tom Terhaar
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Lester Ali
Lester Ali Photography
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Photographer 2

Michele Nastasi
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