South Rotunda

Glasgow, N/A / United Kingdom

In 1895, the Glasgow Harbour Tunnel Company's the North and South Rotundas were about to be opened after five years of excavating under the River Clyde. For nearly eighty years the tunnel connecting both rotundas provided a safe crossing for pedestrians and goods. Today, the south rotunda stands alone and neglected, bordered by new roads and left over green space. These proposals indicate how the south rotunda could be once again brought into beneficial use as a unique headquarters for Glasgow Credit Union and/or a botique hotel use and re-connected with the river through well designed master-planning and place-making.

Environmental Stewardship:

As the architect for the restoration I sought to incorporate systems, materials and technologies that reduced energy demand and emissions, provide sustainable energy supply and minimise both water usage and waste.

I also sought an increased awareness of sustainability and issues surrounding energy use and carbon reduction. Whilst fully appreciating the need for the responsible specification of materials, products and design and to be aware of their impact on the environment. This process was made more challenging as a consequence of working with an historic building, over 100 years old.

Architect of record

Alan Dunlop
Alan Dunlop Architects Limited
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