Skyline Tower

Munich, Bayern, N/A / Germany

The Skyline Tower development marks the northern end of the Parkstadt Schwabing in Munich. It consists of an ensemble of four low rise buildings, punctuated with a 23-story tower at the site's northeast corner.

The arrangement of the buildings closely follows the parameters of the district's urban plan. Formally, the buildings are conceived of as 'extrusions' of varying heights, creating open and covered spaces with gardens and plazas in between. The highest 'extrusion' is the tower, which establishes the 'skyline image' with its cantilevering roof. Beneath this roof a 3-story skygarden reinforces the top and creates a gathering space with dramatic views over the city and to the Alps.

The facades employ a wide 2.7m module and are fully glazed, with horizontal bands of stainless steel at the slab edges. The full-height operable windows have fixed outside lights of fritted laminated glass, which provides sun, wind, rain, acoustic and safety protection.

The planning of the buildings' floorplates allow for a flexible office space arrangement, accommodating either closed or open office plans. The technical planning of the building employs not only state-of-the-art energy efficient design but also building materials that are easily recyclable.

Architect of record

Helmut Jahn
35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60601, United States
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Consultant 1

Werner Sobek
Werner Sobek
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Hans Honig
a+f Architektur+Fassadenplanung
a+f Architektur+Fassadenplanung
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Consultant 3

Alfred Bäuerle
BBS Planungsgesellschaft mbH
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Consultant 4

Bente Engsig
Ing. Büro Energie & Haustechnik
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Consultant 5

Michael Rohde
Sächsische Srasse 6
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Consultant 6

Rainer Schmidt
Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsplanung
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Marita Kersken-Bradley
Kersken + Kirchner GmbH
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Rainer Viertlböck
Rainer Viertlböck Architekturfotografie
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