Skolkovo Technopark District D2 Residential Area

Skolkovo, Moscow, N/A / Russia

Skolkovo Innovation Centre is a strategic initiative creating an innovation hub helping diversify Russia's economy through global innovation in five fields: IT, Biomedical, Energy, Nuclear Science, and Space Technology. Skokovo's master planned District D2 features the Technopark, with housing positioned within circles inscribed in the landscape creating "islands surrounded by forest".

Quarter 6 contains apartments with minimal social infrastructure. The design respects the master plan, emphasizing connections with landscape and adjacent Quarters. The blocks respect the master plan's alignment, but are offset along the serpentine roadway. A central urban realm features pavilion buildings containing social amenities. Circulation includes pedestrian paths parallel with buildings, but feature a transverse route bisecting them. This arc echoes the circular perimeter and connects to the Cultural Quarter, Quarter 1 and Technopark.

The design provides 500 units accommodating 1200 people. Units vary from innovative studios to multi bedrooms, dispersed in combinations meeting program and avoiding social segregation. Dwellings feature extensive daylighting through accessible continuous balconies, adaptable to climate and privacy, variously enclosed through sliding glass walls integrating a screen print image of forest – a dialogue with nature.

Designed to LEED Silver, the solution features passive-active strategies minimizing resource consumption and delivering energy saving performance long-term.

Architect of record

Janis Saltans
Saltans Architects_International, Ltd
407 N. Elizabeth St., Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60642, USA
Phone: 312-243-6760

Associate architect

Johannes Jaeger
Jaeger and Partner Architects. Ltd.
Catic Shahe Industry Zone. OCT, 1F, Building 2
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province , China
Phone: 86-186-88787202

Consultant 1

Dmitry Grishin
Rus Build Consulting, LLC
6806 Albany Gln
New Albany, OH 43054, USA
Phone: 614-289-8009