Shenzhen OCT Development

Shenzhen, Guangdong, N/A / China

Shenzhen is located near Hong Kong and is part of its outer ring of suburban communities. The three OCT parcels being developed are linearly arranged along Qiaoxiang Road. The design links the three parcels together with an urban parkland system that utilizes a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths. This will encourage the free flow of residents and visitors to various buildings and attractions within the site.

The park's organization separates public and private functions in a manner that allows residents to feel safe, secure and engaged with the site's natural beauty while visitors have access to functions such as the retail mall and Center for Green Technology, but not the private residence' areas.

Within Parcel A the northern edge of the park act as a buffer along Qiaoxiang Road limiting the noise and screening views from motorist and pedestrians into the site preserving resident privacy from the general public. The retail mall does the same thing on Parcel C by separating the residential functions from the busy road, but also acts as a gateway from the subway system to the retail component of the development.

Architect of record

Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
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