Scottish Rite Cathedral Headquarters Association

Bloomingdale, Illinois / United States of America

The Scottish Rite Cathedral Association Valley of Chicago is designed to tell the story of Free Masons and the Scottish Rite origins in the symbolic exterior and interior spaces. Incorporating traditional masonry materials as well as modem construction systems, the building features traditional Masonic programmatic requirements executed in a timeless and contemporary composition. The heavily-wooded 16-acre site required special care to preserve and relocate many trees to accommodate the important east-west axis of the building while protecting the landscape.

The traditional progression through the ceremonial spaces requires distinctive planning to accommodate the 5,400 sf 290-seat theater supported by full theatrical fly, theatrical lighting, extensive costume and set storage; dining room serving 300 guests supported by a full-service kitchen; lounge and full-service bar area with a majestic fireplace and adjoining game room; lodge hall with provisions for time-honored ceremonies; museum and library with custom fixtures to accommodate precious art and artifacts; and administrative offices.

This unique building, with five distinct functions under one roof, required responsive HVAC systems to accommodate the diverse space utilization, ranging from long and short-term occupancy requirements and the special requirements to preserve and protect the historic millwork, exquisite artwork/artifacts and carefully maintained costumes and scenery.

Architect of record

Marc Adelman
209 South LaSalle St., Suite 801
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
Phone: 312 777 7400
Fax: 312 77 7500

General contractor

Rick DuPraw
Leopardo Companies, Inc.
5200 Prairie Stone Pkwy
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192, USA
Phone: 847-783-3000


Bryan Gassel
Brian Gassel Photography
2605 Churchwell Lane
Tucker, GA 30084, United States
Phone: 6785178425