Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

Hainan Island, N/A / China

The luxurious Sanya Haitang Bay Resort will consist of two separate hotels and a condo hotel tower. The southern part of the site will comprise a seven star hotel (Hotel A), complete with full amenities and a complex of ultra-luxury villas, while a five-star hotel tower (Hotel B), also with resort amenities, will comprise the northernmost part of the site.

Inspired by the famous rock formation, Fiver-Finger Mountain, at the heart of Hainan, the resort towers form an iconic family of varied and intriguing structures. Together, the towers are unified as a single gesture, creating a dynamic and memorable shape against the sky. Each tower has been optimized to accommodate its individual program and project parameters, creating an effortless and luxurious experience for visitors and guests

The overall master plan is organized around a slender body of water, strategically positioned to provide sea views from a maximum number of units, as well as invite meandering walking paths to the beach, and site areas for each respective building. The towers feature textured facades to offer guests unique and distinct experiences within each unit, and each resort features a multitude of indoor/outdoor blended spaces for guests.

Architect of record

Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
111 West Monroe
Chicago, IL 60603, USA
Phone: 312-920-1888
Fax: 312-920-1775