Kuwait City, N/A / Kuwait

Pintxos, a non-alcoholic lounge bar located in Kuwait City, Kuwait. The total area of the lounge is 170sqm. The client brief called for a dark lounge, different floor levels and the usage of metal and stone. 
The space is divided by three elevated seating platforms. Each platform is a zone of a unique material such as steel, wood and terrazzo. The ceiling is a suspended terrain of nearly two thousand felt cones. The custom made felt cones were developed as a ceiling system that provides lighting, acoustical absorption and spatial definition. The undulation of the ceiling surface creates the spaces underneath and defines the different seating areas, the booth seating, the lounge seating and the passages in between them. The booths and the lounge seating are of curvilinear and organic forms that compliment the ceiling. They are of soft materials, felt, wool and leather. The coffee tables and the reception desk are custom carved granite stone. The bar at the end of the club glows with light through perforated surfaces of felt and basalt. 
Pintxos is a highly sensual and immersive environment that awakens and challenges the senses with mysterious lighting, tactile richness and undulating soft forms.

Architect of record

Eric Schall
PS Studio
4816 S Dorchester Ave, 3
Chicago, IL 60615, USA
Phone: 773-742-0983


OZ Newcombe
dubai, IL 60615, UAE
Phone: 971505611831