Pearson Residence

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America


The jumping off point for this project was a bland vanilla box high-rise condominium with a spectacular set of views. Designed for a world traveler, the renovated space's restrained, discerning character serves as a counterpoint to the vibrant city beyond. 
Inverting convention, the new character of the apartment is shaped more by what is absent than by what has been added. Voids of varying size between interlocking American Black Walnut panels distinguish a wall that runs through the public spaces, screening off the master suite and mechanicals. Rather than using applied knobs or pulls to provide decorative interest, cabinetry and doors are detailed with integral reveals. Aside from a sculptural pendant at the dining table, decorative lighting is absent; in its place are a series of gaps between wall planes that hide lighting within. A simple lacquered wall in the kitchen serves as a backdrop for key objects sitting on blackened steel shelves. Sliding doors of smoked glass screen the home office from the living room; one's eye is drawn not such much to the doors themselves but what their transparency reveals.

Architect of record

Greg Howe
Searl Lamaster Howe Architects
500 North Dearborn Street, Suite #950
Chicago, IL 60654, United States
Phone: 312-251-9200

General contractor

Karl Spector
Mod Construction
917 West Washington, Suite 275
Chicago, IL 60607, United States
Phone: 312-265-0613


Tony Soluri
Tony Soluri Photography
288 Addison Road
Riverside, IL 60546, United States
Phone: 312-282-0946