Nozul Lusail Marina

Doha, N/A / Qatar


The 23-story Nozul hotel tower sits directly adjacent to the Persian Gulf in the new Lusail Marina Development north of Doha, Qatar. The tower takes on a carved quality with deeply recessed and shaded terraces that spiral up its entire length, offering breathtaking views from hotel guestrooms and the roof, restaurant, conference, and ballroom levels.

The tower's striking form and its sustainable features are inherently the same, as the terraces also provide self shading and reduce the building's necessary cooling load. A unique GFRC shading screen further reduces cooling loads by minimizing solar heat gain. Reduction values range from 17-90%, with an average reduction of 63%. It is expected that this will greatly contribute to occupant comfort on both the building's balcony and interior perimeters. The screen is also structural, as it aids in supporting the dramatic cantilevered terraces.

The atrium, located in the center of the tower's trunk, acts as a natural ventilation device by exhausting hot air out and away from the building. Its immense verticality and sculptural lighting device creates a sublime interior, drawing in light and fresh air from all sides and creating a theatrical environment that complements the powerful exterior form.

Architect of record

Brian Lee
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
224 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60604, United States
Phone: 312 360 4378