Max University of Health Sciences

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh , N/A / India

The Max Institute of Health Sciences will bring together world-class clinical care, higher education, and research for the first time in India in a radically new idea of a connected Indian Institution. 
It will Integrate at various scales: within and between each college; within the larger academic medical center; across the entire institute; and between the Institute and the larger Max Healthcare network.

The campus will be a richly interconnected, woven oasis of communities, activities and environments in support of life's journeys.

The design draws from the North Indian weaving patterns of Phulkari, that suggest multiple forms of inter-relationships and connectivity, and their symbolism of embroidered gardens.

Given the scale of the project and its inherently high demand for energy and water, the design employs innovative, technologies as well as strategies for water conservation and reuse- reusing 100 percent of the rainwater falling on the site, renewable energy, clean technology, low carbon emissions, resource conservation, and healthy lifestyles, which will establish The Institute as a model for green development in the region.

Architect of record

Randy Guillot
225 N Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601, USA
Phone: 312-960-8278