Latin School of Chicago Upper School Science Center

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

High School science – 25% get it, 25% don't, and the middle 50% are overlooked. The challenge for the Science Center was to broaden the appeal while allowing the gifted to excel. Student-centered paradigms for learning – flipped classrooms, project-based learning, and self-directed inquiry – are combined with a focus on the intersection of science, nature, and art to personalize the learning experience and appeal to multiple intelligences.

The Interactive Science Forum serves as a hub for interaction, investigation, innovation, and inquiry. The creative processes of science and art are fused – STEM becomes STEAM. Scientific concepts such as fusion, DNA, and Powers of Ten are expressed throughout in lighting arrangements, projected wall surfaces, flooring patterns, seating, wall coverings, and interactive displays. A wall of LCD panels and an Omni-Globe spherical projector complete the space.

The surrounding Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and General Sciences rooms use technology to "flip the classroom". Each is equipped with a widescreen SmartBoard, LCD screen, document camera, and audio/video devices which capture lectures and experiments that can be accessed from home while promoting project-based learning in class. Also, practically every vertical surface is writable, allowing creative thought and teachable moments to occur without pause.

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