Kellogg School of Management

Evanston, Illinois / United States of America

The competition design for the new home for Kellogg School of Management seeks to reinforce and advance Kellogg position as a global leader by creating a true international center; a place that will inspire and cultivate the business 
leaders of tomorrow.

The design takes full advantage of the building site, embracing an organic form and addressing every aspect of its surroundings: from the campus, to the lakefront and lagoon, to adjacent buildings and a site for future expansion. The result is an iconic, permeable space that will encourage discourse, allow for flexible teaching configurations and create a new public square for the entire community.

The challenge of the project from a programmatic and site standpoint is to maintain compression and collaborative space while increasing exterior perimeter to foster views and natural light. The new building will be accessible from multiple avenues to create a true collaborative gathering space. At the site, five major points of access become "five points of transparency," at the lakefront, the lagoon, the adjacent buildings, the historic campus and the future campus. By responding to all five of these points, the new building allows for flexibility and identity without jeopardizing cost or functionality.

Architect of record

Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
111 West Monroe, Suite 2300
Chicago, IL 60603, USA
Phone: 312-920-1888
Fax: 312-920-1775