Jianwu Crescent Bay

Suzhou Industrial Park, N/A / China

At the center of Suzhou at the edge of the world famous Du Hu Shu Lake, this project includes two towers and a retail podium providing an elegant solution to a complicated design brief. The taller tower rises to 210 meters and includes luxury condos resting on a 5 star luxury hotel. A smaller tower, 100 meters tall, provides office space. A luxury retail shopping mall is spread underneath both buildings, connected with a pedestrian bridge.

The slender form and gradually sloping skin of the towers mimics a Lotus flower bud which emerges from the ground as a sturdy three-sided cylindrical stalk; the site plan and the floor plans emerge from the geometries of overlapping pond lilies. This shaping allows for internal atria which capture natural light into the center of the building.

The design also embraces the curvilinear shape of the site while the towers are tapered to accentuate their height and slenderness. Both towers, their podiums and the connecting pedestrian bridge establish a smooth edge along adjacent street frontages; the modified triangular tower plans graciously turn the corner, pinwheeling in a way that unifies the site so that each object can be appreciated individually.

Architect of record

Feng Zheng Gong
Suzhou Industrial Park Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
393 Suhong Middle Road
Suzhou, Jiangsu 215021, China
Phone: 8651262586998
Fax: 8651262586259

Associate architect

Kenneth Turner, AIA
2405 North Sheffield Ave., PO Box 14674
Chicago, IL 60614, USA
Phone: 312-286-9060