Hotel Kapok Shenzhen Bay

Shenzhen, N/A / China

Located adjacent to the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center athletic complex, the new Hotel Kapok is a 19-story boutique hotel offering 242 rooms and a variety of amenities. The hotel's form is simple, while the exterior expression is unique and bold. Clad entirely in high-performance glazing with integrated operable windows for each room; the façade is overlaid with perforated metal scrim providing valuable exterior shading and visually referencing the diamond-shaped structure of the Arena. A series of heavily landscaped surfaces on the rooftop create a destination dining experience for guests and visitors celebrating unobstructed views to the bay and Hong Kong beyond.

A traditional west facing arrival court is sunken to help seclude activity from the neighboring Sports Arena; while the hotel planning strives to provide a unique spatial quality that eliminates the cloistered nature of typical hotel corridors. The resulting pinwheel plan allows for corridors that end in vision glass with a punctuation of light and views. Four multi-story atriums reveal themselves on the facade as large voids in the exterior scrim, and rhythmically ascend around the hotel core to drive light deeper into the floor plans. Each atrium showcases vegetation while strategically locating amenities throughout the hotel.

Architect of record

James Zheng
Goettsch Partners
224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 17
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
Phone: 312-356-0600
Fax: 312-356-0601

Associate architect

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

Consultant 1

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Beijing, China

Consultant 2

Celia Chu Design
Taipei, Taiwan

Consultant 3

Kehao Curtain Wall
Guangdong, China

Consultant 4

Beijing Lighting Design
Beijing, China


Mr. Shen Zhonghai
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Yi Jing Building B, No. 188, Zhongshan N. No. 1 Road, Suite 604
Shanghai, N/A 200083, China
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