Hotel Atlantic

Dubai, N/A / United Arab Emirates

The new Hotel Atlantic designed for a site in Dubai is a unique, contemporary interpretation of a world-class resort destination. The complex provides a unique vision for a technologically-advanced resort that will dazzle visitors while still offering the best in comfort, style and luxury.

The complex's design is based on a linear composition of two buildings sited parallel to the beach, with the 35-story residential tower to the east and the 35-story hotel tower to the west, offering unique views to all rooms.

A main feature of the tower design is a canopy veil that frames the buildings, extending off the towers by 10 meters on each side. The canopy unites the composition of the two towers and provides shading to the public spaces below. The also veil acts as a overall floodlight for the buildings, creating another dimension, which adds to the depth of space to the complex. The north and south canopy facades have light options to punctuate the glass at regular intervals, highlighting the canopy's structural elements. The color of the buildings can also be changed with these lights.

Architect of record

Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
111 West Monroe, Suite 2300
Chicago, IL 60603, USA
Phone: 312-920-1888
Fax: 312-920-1775