Haiti Cathedral

Port-Aau-Prince, N/A / Haiti


Concept: Refuge / Safe Haven 
The guiding principles that informed the design for the new main Cathedral - (Notre Dame de l'Assomption )- were, symbolically,…. resurrection, refuge, rejuvenation and hope.

Establish a series of layered enclosures – each one consisting of a progressively more ethereal membrane as it touches upon the inner sanctuary of the cathedral space itself. The outer layer relates to and provides protection from the corporeal world; the inner layer reflects the essence of the spiritual world.

Outer layer – an open steel trellis provides protection from environmental elements (wind, sun, hurricane forces).

Intermediate layer- consists of a light transmitting membrane and weather enclosure (stained glass or fabric).

Inner layer—composed of the structural elements of the building, steel moment frames, providing physical support as well as defining the interior space through repetition, modulation and iconic form.

As in the best of historically excellent cathedral architecture, the structural system has been defined to be expressive of the corporeal world and espresses the embodiment of the form of the architecture itself 

Enclosure, form and structure operate harmoniously to give expression to the aspirations of the Church .

Architect of record

Epstein I Metter