Godfrey Hotel

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The form of the Godfrey Hotel is an expression of its staggered truss structural system invented by William LeMessurier in 1966. In this system, story high steel trusses span across the full width of the building and are staggered from floor to floor. Precast planks span from the top chord of one truss to the bottom chord of another truss on the floor above. This system is very light in weight, can be erected rapidly and has a very low floor to floor height.

It also is a system where the deep trusses allow a remarkable freedom to express the program of the hotel, where today's guest is looking for that unique room satisfies their unique needs and preferences. From its base the building form is offset three times, creating rooms of varying depths, creating 26 different room types for a hotel with 221 keys. In addition, the long span trusses create large clear span public and amenity spaces on the 4th floor.

The structural system allows the design to celebrate the human variability its guests, expressing this fact with a form that seemingly defies gravity obeying its own fuzzy logic. It is the exception, along LaSalle Street, that proves the rule that all tall buildings should be boxes no matter what their function.

Architect of record

Joe Valerio
Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
500 N. Dearborn, Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60654, USA
Phone: 312-260-7300

General contractor

Lend Lease
One North Wacker Drive, STE 900
Chicago, IL 60654, USA
Phone: 312-245-1379

Consultant 1

Chris McDonough
Gettys Hospitality Design and Development
1 East Erie Street, Ste 400
Chicago, IL 60611, USA
Phone: 312-832-2466

Consultant 2

Wolff Landscape Architecture
307 North Michigan Avenue, Ste 601
Chicago, IL 60601, USA
Phone: 312-663-5494

Consultant 3

Structural Affiliates International
95 White Bridge Road, Ste 222
Nashville, TN 37205, USA
Phone: 615-269-0069

Consultant 4

V3 Consultants, LTD
7325 Janes Avenue, Ste 100
Woodridge, IL 60517, USA
Phone: 630-724-9200

Consultant 5

WMA Consulting Engineers, LTD
815 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60639, USA
Phone: 312-786-4310

Consultant 6

Great Lakes Plumbing & Heating Company
4521 West Diversey Avenue
Chicago, IL 60639, USA
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Consultant 7

Nova Fire Protection
1530 Wiley Road
Schaumburg, IL 61730, USA
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Steve Hall
Hedrich Blessing Photographers
400 N. Peoria St.
Chicago, IL 60642, USA
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