Follett Headquarters

Westchester, Illinois / United States of America

This project consolidates several business lines from multiple locations with distinct cultures into a single, unified headquarters. The new "One Follett" workplace is a departure for the education-focused retailer. Much as the company's business is evolving from stores on school campuses towards ecommerce, the way Follett's staff works is transforming towards a more collaborative, team-based approach.

Creating a cohesive sense of place and culture were paramount. To facilitate this, the CEO wanted the ability to have central areas for large gathering-style meetings. The design solution utilizes the idiosyncrasies of the trifurcated floor plate by placing a hub of flexible workspace at the center of each floor. Each hub has a unique character, providing each of the eight floors with an immediately recognizable identity, such as the Emporium, Forum and Hive. Together, the different characters of the hubs work together to create a rich mosaic that illustrates how the different aspects of the company can remain unique, while being completely part of the whole.

In creating this workplace, our team studied the behaviors of how people work and learn to create a place that energizes, pushes them forward and, ultimately, inspires.

Architect of record

Mark Hirons
225 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601, United States
Phone: 312-960-8219

General contractor

John Blacketor
235 Fencl Lane
Hillside, IL 60162, United States
Phone: 708-236-3316
Fax: 708-236-3333


Christopher Barrett
Christopher Barrett Photographer
3305 Wisconsin Avenue
Berwyn, IL 60402, United States
Phone: 708-317-5700
Fax: 708-317-5704