FKI Tower Custom Luminaire

Seoul, N/A / Korea South

The Custom Luminaire designed for the FKI Elevator Lobby was designed because of a need to have appropriate light levels at the lobby floor and to provide a sense of human scale to the impressively grand lobby space. 
The luminaire provides a lower canopy of light within the over nine meter tall space. This effect was made better by the luminaire providing most of the light aimed up toward the ceiling with stainless steel tilted panels that allow that light to bounce and reflect through the space.

Light via baffled louvers at the bottom of the luminaires dish allow low filtered light to reach the floor without glare. The additional light is supplemented by soft lighting from the upper edge of the tilted stainless steel wall panels. All of the light is reflected off the white glass tiled ceiling.

In addition, the luminaire is proportioned to be light in weight, and yet still allow the overall volume to be experienced. A monumental beam addresses the entry at the same three meter height completing the play of scale.

Architect of record

Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
111 West Monroe, Suite 2300
Chicago, IL 60603, USA
Phone: 312-920-1888
Fax: 312-920-1775

Associate architect

Hyun Choi
Chang-Jo Architects
27, Teheran-Ro 2-Gil, Gangnam-Gu
Seoul, NA 150-881, Korea
Phone: 82 2 2177 8300
Fax: 82 2 2086 0143

General contractor

Jinwoo Ko
Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd
140-2 Gae-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul, NA 110-793, Korea
Phone: 2 3744-2801
Fax: 2-785-5906


Namgoong Sun
Namgoong Sun Photography
Phone: 82 10 5494 6090