Eaves-Dropped: Elegant Solutions for Scuppers and Downspouts

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Thoughtful detailing of the boathouse's rainwater run-off was critical to achieving the building's crisp aesthetic and sustainable site goals.

The boathouse's exterior form, cladding, drainage mechanisms, and site features together function as the stormwater management system, cleaning and filtering rainwater.

Roof shingles made of slate, a naturally waterproof material, easily conform to the warping geometry, pitched to divert water in various ways.

Hidden scuppers and inscribed downspouts complement the geometry of the building.

The downspouts articulate the folds of the envelope while the scuppers disappear beneath the overhanging roof slates.

In both conditions stormwater is diverted to gravel beds that trace the footprint of the buildings.

From the gravel beds, storm water is sent to the rain gardens, which filter and clean the water before slowly releasing it into the Chicago River.

This elegant yet low-maintenance stormwater management system diverts water from the city's combined sewers, which release contaminants and effluents into the river when maximum capacity has been reached.

Architect of record

Jeanne Gang
Studio Gang Architects
1212 N. Ashland Ave., Ste. 212
Chicago, IL 60622, USA
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General contractor

Ken Schaefges
Schaefges Brothers, Inc.
851 Seton Ct.
Wheeling, IL 60090, USA
Phone: 847-537-3330

Consultant 1

Sudhir Singamsethi
Matrix Engineering Corporation
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Chicago, IL 60604, USA
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Peter Bator
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Bill Weaver
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Consultant 4

Sachin Anand
dbHMS Design Build Engineering
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Chicago, IL 60654, USA
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Consultant 5

Terry Guen
Terry Guen Design Associates, Inc.
714 S. Dearborn St., #5
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Consultant 6

Mark Cannon
M Cannon Roofing
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Jim Wendell
Wendell Builders
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Steve Hall
Hedrich Blessing
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