Daming International Hotel

Xi'an, N/A / China

Gently curving facades define the Daming International Hotel: a powerful architectural statement that is sleek, modern, and aerodynamic. A unique symbol for 21st-century Xian, the proposed design is for a single 300m landmark point tower and 35m retail podium, offering a strong presence on the southeast corner of the Daming Palace Bridge interchange. The overall site plan is built around a sinuous gesture, which echoes the lines of the tower and creates a coherent identity for the project. The tower's orientation is sensitive to both its immediate surroundings, as well as to local landmarks of Xi'an visible from the site. The building's siting is also optimized towards sustainability; specifically attuned to solar energy and water.

The tower's tapered silhouette reduces the apparent bulk of the office floor plates and addresses smaller hotel floor plates with a reduced core size at the upper floors. The orientation of the point tower inherently reduces cooling loads by minimizing direct western solar exposure. A faceted curtain wall design mitigates wind loads, potentially reducing structural costs, and creates a measure of self-shading, further reducing energy consumption. Together, orientation and massing of the design reduces solar gain loads by up to 25%, compared to baseline.

Architect of record

Keith Campbell
RTKL Associates Inc.
200 S. Michigan Ave., #1800
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
Phone: 312-542-5906