Congregation Solel Reading Table

Highland Park, Illinois / United States of America


How does one change while remaining the same? Extend a tradition while remaining within it? Refresh and consider a new direction while planted in a familiar, loved and architecturally significant sanctuary? Spiritual life requires the exploration of the infinite from our finite natural world, described through scripture and tradition.

Crafted to represent a multi -faceted tradition, this reading table's inspiration are the countless and varied stories and scripture that communicate the Jewish faith. Replacing an original forboding pulpit that separated the congregation from the clergy and message, this table's forms were selected to express an evolving contemporary faith while respecting the sanctuary's distinctive mid-century angled geometries. Seen from various vantage points within the remodeled sanctuary, the form fluctuates and folds offering each congregant a distinct perspective of the holy word using design themes of light, our natural world, and access to the word.

The Torah rests on a surface of Sapele wood suspended and cradled by a dynamic band of light. Translucent white finish on a base of rift sawn Ash provides a subtle natural complement to the beloved white plaster Bimah wall bearing the texture of the hands of its builders and the memory of congregation's creation.

Architect of record

Matt Wylie
Eckenhoff Saunders Architects
700 S. Clinton St., Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60607, USA
Phone: 312-786-1204

General contractor

Pete Wetzel
Executive Construction Inc
235 Fencl Ln
Hillside, IL 60162, USA
Phone: 708-236-3300

Consultant 1

Chris McCaffrey
Inter Ocean Cabinet
920 N. Larch Ave
Elmhurst, IL 60126, USA
Phone: 630-930-5770


Mariusz Mizera
Mariusz Mizera Photography
6910 Manchester Drive
Plainfield, IL 60586, USA
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