City Loop

Denver, Colorado / United States of America

Our proposal for a new 14-acre multi-generational civic landscape within Denver's City Park uses a fully accessible half-mile-long mobility loop as a foundation for a continuously re-definable circuit of recreational engagement and activity. The mobility loop is paralleled by a kinetic blue tube that bends, folds, inflates and twists into a variety of programmed activity pods. The pods draw activity from the mobility loop and the park beyond by creating distinct micro-environments for play and social interaction.

The physical form of the pods is intentionally abstract, inviting engagement by people of all ages and abilities. This thickened perimeter of movement, activity, planting and social interaction also serves to frame a large, 8-acre central lawn that allows for the activities of the Loop to extend to the interior of the site.

The project promotes public health on many levels — physical, social, cultural — while serving to enhance the physical beauty of the existing park. The varied, flexible and diverse nature of the City Loop proposal offers a 21st century view of what a public landscape can be and strives to establish a new precedent in contemporary civic amenities for the City of Denver.

Architect of record

Andrew Moddrell
PORT Architecture and Urbanism, LLC
53 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 925
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
Phone: 3125191103

Associate architect

Paul Andersen
Indie Architecture
2231 Larimer St., 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80205, USA
Phone: 3034335303