China Diamond Exchange Center

Shanghai, N/A / China

The China Diamond Exchange Center is a 50,000-square-meter office building in Shanghai's Pudong district, the city's modern financial and commercial hub. The 15-story building provides space for members of the China Diamond Exchange, as well as other related and speculative tenants.

The building is conceived as two rectangular office slabs connected by a skylit atrium, with a large, 66-by 230-foot cable-supported net wall at each end. One tower is fully dedicated to the Diamond Exchange members, with the adjacent tower serving other tenants. The relatively narrow, 20-meter-wide floor plate of each tower is unique, working in combination with the atrium to bring daylight to all offices.

The open elevator tower defines the focal point of the building, with three cabs traversing the atrium to sky bridges on each level that connect the two office blocks. The elevators' activity is not only visible from the lobby but also from outside, through the full-height glass walls.

The major tenants' core business inspired the design, with diamond-shaped elements featured throughout, including the atrium's glass skylight, the structural geometry of the entry canopy, and the main lobby floor. Details provide punches of red, a color that signifies prosperity and happiness in Chinese culture.

Architect of record

James Zheng
Goettsch Partners
224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 17
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
Phone: 312-356-0600
Fax: 312-356-0601

Associate architect

Ms. Xiaohua Wu
Shanghai Zhong-fu Architects
2099 W. Yan-an Road, Yangtse Hotel Office Tower, Floor 3
Shanghai, N/A 200336, China
Phone: 86-21-6208-1404
Fax: N/A

General contractor

Gong Yanming
Shanghai No. 2 Construction Co., Ltd.
No. 50 Yi Xian Road
Shanghai, N/A N/A, China
Phone: 86-1391610-4234
Fax: N/A

Consultant 1

Mr. Fuha Zhu
Shanghai Tong-qing Technologic Development Co., Ltd.
Lane 519 Macao Road, Watson Building, Floor 6
Shanghai, N/A 200060, China
Phone: 86-21-5107-5971
Fax: N/A

Consultant 2

Ms. Xiaohua Wu
Shanghai Zhong-fu Architect
2099 W. Yan-an Road, Yangtse Hotel Office Tower, Floor 3
Shanghai, N/A 200336, USA
Phone: 86-21-6208-1404
Fax: N/A

Consultant 3

Mr. Taihe Li
Leox Design
299 Bisheng Road, Building 6-101
Shanghai, N/A 201204, China
Phone: 86-21-5080-7700
Fax: N/A

Consultant 4

Mr. Michael Qin
ThyssenKrupp Elevator (China)
518 South Quning Road, Hitech Plaza, Room 2601
Shanghai, N/A 200042, China
Phone: 86-21-5298-8958
Fax: N/A

Consultant 5

Mr. Zong
ADI Limited
10/F Bangkok Bank Building, 18 Bonham Strand West
Sheung Wan, HK N/A, SAR
Phone: 852-2131-8630
Fax: N/A


Mr. Shen Zhonghai
1st Image
Yi Jing Building B, No. 188 Zhongshan N. No. 1 Road, Suite 604
Shanghai, N/A 200083, China
Phone: 86-21-6440-0372
Fax: N/A