Chapel and Office Wing

Lisle, Illinois / United States of America


The Chapel and Office Wing supports the Church's mission to engage the African-American community while enhancing the worship experience of the growing congregation. The openness of the addition defines an active public space that engages the larger community. Transverse planes are separated by light and space to define the program areas and introduce human scale to the large public spaces. The transparency allows members to see activities and it contributes to the welcoming feel perceived by visitors. The variety of worship and ministry activities creates a vibrant center of activity. The Chapel provides a worship space appropriate for smaller weddings, funerals and children's services instead of using the main sanctuary. New public spaces such as a Childcare Center and Bookstore further engage the community. The entry forecourt provides outdoor space for fellowship activities that activate the neighborhood. The project expands the capacity of the Church to serve the growing congregation, unifies the experience of place with the natural environment and brings needed services to the community. Working with a limited budget, the building utilizes low tech green strategies including an overhang shielding the second floor glazing, rain screen system, high efficiency displacement air handling equipment, and advanced digital controls.

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