Calistoga Residence

Calistoga, California / United States of America

The 32 acre wooded hill site had a road improvement up to a partial plateau at the top of the hill. Both had been planned and executed for a residence which did not go forward with previous property owner. The site review process incorporated the desire to utilize the existing building pad, avoiding further disturbance to any mature plant materials or existing grades, to take advantage of the soft, natural contours on the top of the hill and to address and control the powerful south and west sun patterns, while taking advantage of unparalleled vistas. All these site forces quickly revealed the optimum sustainable design and layout of the house program and hierarchy of massing. 
The historical context of the area was one of mining and farming. A vocabulary of industrial vernacular seemed the appropriate model for both the use of sustainable exterior siding and roofing materials, with a High Solar Reflective Index, and forms that would lend themselves to passive ventilation, relieving rising heat by both cross ventilation and through a motorized clerestory in a roof monitor. Volumes are added, as if built over time, with window style and massing changing per function and spatial hierarchy.

Architect of record

Kathryn Quinn, AIA
Kathryn Quinn Architects, Ltd.
400 West Erie Street, Suite 503
Chicago, IL 60654, USA
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General contractor

Ryan Eames
Eames Construction
925 Lakeville, #167
Petaluma, CA 94952, USA
Phone: 707-227-8939

Consultant 1

John Ware
Ware Associates
130 Webster Street, Suite 105
Oakland, CA 94607, USA
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Consultant 2

Ron Lutsko
Lutsko Associates
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Consultant 3

Arlene Semel
223 W. Erie St., Suite 7 NW
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
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Consultant 4

Chuck Clemons
Energy Calc Co.
45 Mitchell Blvd., #16
San Rafael, CA 94903, USA
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Consultant 5

Tammy Martin
RAM Engineering
130 South Main St., Suite 201
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Steve Hall
Hedrich Blessing Photographers
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