Biotech Campus Hotel and Conference Center

Qingdao, Shandong Province , N/A / China

Completed in 2014 this hotel is designed to accommodate a range of visitors who have business at the adjacent Blue-Biotechnology Campus including research scientists, pharmaceutical executives and government dignitaries. The facility provides space for short and long term visitors in a four star hotel of 120 rooms and an extended stay wing of 238 studios. Included are additional facilities for food service, conferences, meetings, business services, recreation and outdoor terraces for a total building area of 21,000 square meters.

The position and shape of the hotel is consistent with the guiding principles for the overall campus. The curvilinear plan and its three dimensional form establish a gateway to the north end of the campus anchoring the most visible corner of the site as it relates to regional transport systems and land uses.

Aquatically based motifs lend a dynamic quality to the stacking, layout and exterior wall of the building while the room planning dimensions match the efficiency and organizational requirements of the international hotel operator. The building skin is a panelized system that includes a mixture of aluminum curtain wall, stainless steel, granite and high performance glazing which combine to shimmer like gentle waves on the sea.

Architect of record

Qing He
China Architecture Design and Research Group
No.19 Chegongzhuang Street
Phone: 010-6830-2001;

Associate architect

Kenneth Turner, AIA
2405 North Sheffield Ave., PO Box 14674
Chicago, IL 60614, USA
Phone: 312-286-9060

Consultant 1

Ted Wolff
Wolff Landscape Architecture
307 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-663-5494

Consultant 2

Zhongxu Planning & Architecture Design Co., Ltd.
6 Baiwang Street, Xicheng


Zhao Photography
Phone: 135-7322-8239