Bigane Paving

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

A 10,000 s.f. free-standing truck repair, and office facility-- for an existing Asphalt paving plant, located on the North branch of the Chicago River , at Goose Island.

The building cantilevers over the 30 ft. required River front conservation easement taking advantage of a 12 ft. elevation difference in the site. The result is full use of the site for our client , while providing a contiguous conservation zone and civic amenity, in the form of a sheltered rest station for cyclists and hikers.

The linear massing strategy integrates the two main programmatic elements of the project: human occupied offices , and machine dominated workshop. 
Locating the truck repair to the south , facilitates turning radii and drive-thru capability, while the northern offices enjoy River views and natural light. 
The disparate height requirements were resolved with a sloping roof structure, accommodating truck repair and office space in one holistic , integrated form.

Truck Repair: Bar joists, concrete load-bearing walls 
Office: Steel-framed , with curtain-wall , 
Enclosure: Cor-Ten rain-screen ( perforated at office, solid at trucks).

Net Effect: 
Glass tube telescoping from solid tube, engaging the River, and mediating the space between the City and River

Architect of record

Andrew Metter FAIA
Andrew Metter Architect
826 Milburn St.
Evanston, Il 60201, United states
Phone: 847-644-5811

Associate architect

John Morris
Morris architects planners
944 West Huron St.
Chicago, Il 60642
Phone: 312-942-0500