Jeddah, N/A / Saudi Arabia

The 290,000 square-meter aSpire tower integrates programmatic and building systems via the building's conical form and plan geometry. Primarily a residential development that acts as a vertical neighborhood, the tower is supplemented by limited amounts of office, hotel, service apartment, and ancillary amenity areas, including retail, a school, prayer area, and post office.

A single tapering conical concrete wall serves as aSpire's main structural system. The wall runs up the tower's height and spreads outwards, supporting cantilevered floors that contain the building's program. Intermittent, multi-story high setbacks occur at amenity floors and act in combination with the tessellated shape, facilitating wind disruption and reducing vortex shedding. The hollow "supercore" exploits the natural stack effect of air to benefit the project. Natural forces generated by interior and exterior high and low temperature differentials are captured. Depending on outside temperatures, a positive stack effect (air in - top exhaust), reverse stack effect (top draw - low exhaust), or double stack effect (drawing air at midpoint to exhaust at top and bottom) provide cooler air to naturally ventilate the building. In addition, air velocities produced by the stack effect drive wind turbines, generating energy for the building.

Architect of record

Brian Lee
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
224 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60604, United States
Phone: 312 360 4378