Apartment Remodel

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

This Chicago project is a renovation of an existing 3000sf apartment space which overlooks the Lincoln Park Zoo and the lake front beyond 
In providing a new home for a newlywed couple and their child, with the lakefront as backdrop, the space was envisioned as an estuary of the client's new life in the home. 
Existing core and functional elements such as bathrooms, closets, and fixtures are taken as "pebbles" in the space- channeling and redirecting light and air from the west to its easterly side, its main source of light. 
"Living" spaces such as – bedrooms, living, dining rooms are mixed into the wider "pool" and are defined only by glass walls. 
Lighting throughout the home is LED, The lighting and mechanical systems are controlled by a home automation system. 
All existing product and finishes, wood flooring, casework, fixtures, appliances, drywall, metal studs and wiring, of the previous use were removed piece by piece and prepared for donation and or reuse.

Architect of record

William Rodon-Hornof
1629 n Elston
Chicago, IL 60642, USA
Phone: 773-384-4400

General contractor

Paul Saydak
Service Construction
13800 Laurel Drive
Lake Forest, IL 60045, usa
Phone: 847-774-9610


Alan Shortall
Alan Shortall Photography
2650 W Belden
Chicago, IL 60625, USA
Phone: 847-251-7535