2030 Results

Chicago regional results

Each signee to the AIA 2030 Commitment pledges to send their firm's data to AIA National each year, denoting the volume of energy, and corresponding greenhouse gases (GHG's) reduced in the projects they designed and constructed. This information is compiled and calculated using the 2030 Reporting Tool. AIA Chicago has asked our regional Chicagoland Commitment Signees to also volunteer their results so that we may create a regional snapshot of our collective efforts.

Each year of this initiative, the Chicago 2030 Working Group has summarized the total energy and GHG's saved, while also tallying the building types, square footage, and corresponding member firm sizes to gain a better picture how the Chicago region's firms are effecting the built environment. Our goal in completing this analysis is to better understand the obstacles and issues our member firms might encounter to signing onto and meeting the 2030 Commitment objectives. We have used these results to formulate some of our educational materials and hope to continue this as a yearly product of this Initiative.

Please download the following PDF documents to view the results.


2013 Design Work Results

AIA Chicago Analysis 2013



2012 Chicago Regional Results

AIA Chicago 2030 Working Group 2012 Case Studies



2011 Chicago Regional Results

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2010 Chicago Regional Results

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