Lake Shore Drive Residence Winner

Distinguished Building Award, Honor Award

Formal composition of the house is derived from owner’s desire for expansive park/lake views, privacy from neighboring high-rise and integration of sustainable goals.

The building’s form consists of two masses (a plinth, a sculptural volume), and a void connector.
The plinth mass anchors the house concealing service functions. Sculptural volume houses private spaces. The void connector provides 1-1/2 story public spaces with sweeping views bringing the outside in.
The site, program and adjacency requirements informed the carving of each mass, resulting in intimate exterior terraces adjacent to living room, kitchen and exercise/den, and optimum angle for solar-thermal panels.

The building’s concept is reinforced through different applications of the same domestic limestone on the masses. Carving the plinth reveals its ubiquitous material throughout. Its weight, earthen relationship emphasized by load bearing application and split-faced texture. By contrast, the sculptural volume has a taut, honed exterior skin, employing the same limestone as rain-screen.

Exceeding Chicago Green Homes highest 3 star rating, strategies employed to reduce carbon footprint, conserve energy and water were essential and integrated. Additionally, an innovative rain-screen support system was developed to minimize thermal bridge in building envelope. Incorporating cut-offs from rain-screen cladding for the laid-up plinth minimized waste.

Wheeler Kearns Architects
  • C.E. Anderson & Associates
  • IBC Engineering
  • Stone Arch Consulting, Ltd
General contractor
Sylvester Construction Services Inc
Chicago, IL