CTA - Morgan Station Winner

Distinguished Building Award, Citation of Merit

The new Morgan Street station defines the geographic center of the Fulton Market District, with its rich combination of warehouses, industrial loft conversions, restaurants, specialty food purveyors, and boutique stores.

Material cues from the neighborhood; steel, glass, concrete, polycarbonate, granite and cast iron, were chosen to reinforce the feeling of openness. Canopies above the platform are constructed of lightweight, translucent polycarbonate panels that provide weather protection, permit natural light to reach the platform, and allow for less canopy structure and ease of replacement. The transfer-bridge, elevator enclosures and grade level entries are mostly glass. Stair towers and guardrails are perforated stainless steel panels to achieve the desired openness. Structural precast concrete planks were used for longevity and easy maintenance.

Sustainability was achieved through the use of high amounts of recycled content in steel and concrete. Polycarbonate panels have a high recycled content and are regionally produced; granite flooring was extracted from regional quarries; and glazing was regionally produced. Project landscaping is drought tolerant, requires no irrigation and minimizes storm water runoff. New bicycle racks encourage the use of alternative transportation.

This new gateway to the Chicago Loop serves as a strong emblem of the modernity of Chicago’s mass transit system.

Ross Barney Architects
Chicago Department of Transportation
  • LTK Engineering Services
  • OSA Engineers
  • TranSystems
General contractor
FH Paschen
Chicago, IL