River Branch Holdings LLC Winner

Interior Architecture Award, Honor Award

Projecting from the 59 story steel and glass façade of 300 North LaSalle, is a unique two story structure that captures the view and energy of the Chicago River. When the founder of River Branch Holdings, discovered the space on the second floor, there was nothing more than 4,000SF of unfinished space and 100 feet of glass views. The investment banking company needed typical office spaces, however, we were asked to maintain the openness and feel of the unfinished space.

To achieve this, we placed the conference room along the edge maximizing the prime view and opened this to a seating area to be shared by the firm. This open solution created a fluid interior which brought the Chicago River scene to the interior. To further support the open floor plan, we used glass partitions along all window walls and then, at the client’s request; we eliminated all unnecessary solid doors.

Having successfully editing the floor plan to only the necessary partitions, we maintained the same clarity and simple execution in the detailing and material section.
Simple drywall and subtle lighting details created a restrained elegance that did not distract from the glass jewel on the river.

Robbins Architecture Inc.
David Olson
  • Berta Shapiro Interior Design
General contractor
Skender Construction
Chicago, Illinois