Miller Coors

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Everyone loves a good rivalry. But what happens when two giant companies join forces after years of intense competition? The answer is a fun and inspiring workplace that incorporates the history of both organizations while maintaining brand integrity and corporate cultures.

“Beer Land” refers to the company culture. At the center lives “the Heart”. Communal spaces, a recycling and copy center acts as a middle spine, that rises through all the floors. Glowing amber, it creates an anchor while a supergraphics wall, customized on every floor, reflects the MillerCoors spirit. The workstations, conference rooms, café and offices all branch from “the Heart”.

The 130,000 sf, 8 floor headquarters was completed in eight months. Throughout the project, a high degree of design and construction integrity was maintained across three day shifts in a 24-hour period. We were pleased to achieve LEED Silver certification. A copper brewing kettle was airlifted into the space and a beer delivery truck was rebuilt inside reception. Cream City brick, the brick Milwaukee is famous for, builds the foundation for a large spiral stair leading to a dark wood and brass accented bar. A fun and inspiring space that encourages employees to enjoy their work!

VOA Associates Incorporated
Miller Coors
  • 175 West Jackson Boulevard
  • Halvorson Partners
General contractor
Clune Construction Company
Chicago, Illinois