The Chapel at Air Force Village

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The Chapel at Air Force Village is an 11,720 sf expression of the growth of faith that occurs during the act of “…nurtur(ing) man in the service of God”. The design symbolically embodies the growth of faith; allows for the varied experiences towards faith; provides intellectual and sensual stimulation to the retired community; and provides for the safety and comfort of community and religious routine.

The form of the Chapel is new, complex, uplifting and revelatory. Advanced building technology allows a concrete sculptural form to be created that is complex and varied. Space is captured under the inclined planes that layer upon each other supported by the Chancel’s pinnacle form creating an interior interplay of mass and light. The concrete protects, the glass enlightens and the form is in flight towards faith.

The solution for the Chapel is “…designed to touch and ennoble us” both personally and as a community.

Bailey Edward
Bexar County, Texas