Jinan Rail Mixed Use

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

The City of Jinan, in Shandong Province, is developing a new town around its new high speed rail station. The City has defined a 26 km2 zone adjacent to the station for transit-oriented development. A civic complex, theThree Centers District, consisting of many iconic buildings is envisioned and under development on a 1.5 km2 site at the center of this new town. Design challenges included development of:

• a unifying urban framework establishing a connection and public assembly infrastructure supporting an iconic identity for the Three Centers District.
• urban design elements unifying the District’s architecturally diverse sub-parcels while integrating pedestrian and vehicular circulation above grade and pedestrian circulation below grade.
• shopping, retail and public assembly spaces incorporated below grade with exposure to the sky, providing connection and urban “escape” areas for pedestrians.

The major element of the final urban design plan is a bi-level “winding garden”, serving as the commercial spine of the proposed District providing visibility, natural light, and high-profile pedestrian access for otherwise hidden basement spaces while maintaining a positive visual connection to the new urban fabric.

The final master plan helped the City of Jinan achieve its development objectives and has been accepted for implementation.

The West New Town Construction & Investment Company
Jinan, Shandong