Pritzker Military Library

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Located in a historic building across the street from Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago, the Pritzker Military Library provides the public with live events, a collection of books,articfacts, films and gallery exhibits that tell the story of the Citizen Soldier in American Military History.
The design objectives included:
• Integrating the library’s 50,000 books, artifacts, periodicals, videos, posters, correspondence and over 9,000 rare military photographs into a thoughtful design, rich in refined detail and craft appropriate for the historic fabric of the building.
• accommodating an intuitive spatial flow and circulation, as required by the diverse mix of events, exhibits, and interactions with the collection by adding an elegantly detailed three-story interconnecting stairway.
• incorporating state-of-the-art technology throughout the library supporting the recording of military visitor’s oral histories; the care and preservation of rare books and artifacts; and the recording and broadcasting of live presentations within the 120- seat, two-story lecture hall.
• Addressing the lecture hall’s acoustical challenges resulting from close proximity to the “L” and Michigan Avenue traffic.
Within a dramatic backdrop and views, the project captures the essence of the story of the Citizen Soldier while addressing the aesthetic and technical challenges.

Pritzker Military Library
General contractor
Bulley & Andrews LLC
Chicago, Illinois