BioPods University of North Carolina Genomic Science Building (GSB)

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The BioPod was developed as a branding mechanism for the BioInformatics research team, an introverted group of scientists at the University of North Carolina Genomic Science Building who desired a work environment that is equal parts collaborative and completely insular. The University and the design team desired an open, transparent work area for the group consistent with the interstitial space they were given. The Biopod is a room within a room and accommodates the individualistic preferences within the Bioinformatics team. While each pod has an inherently private nature, it is also malleable to the needs of collaboration. The design incorporates wheels that allow unlimited configurations depending on the needs and density of the department. Once each pod is moved to its desired location, it is then plugged into one of the many docking ports in the raised access floor. The Bioinformatics team was also concerned with acoustical distractions and a need for securing their work area. To address these concerns, each molded fiberglass unit is a self-secured, self illuminated, self-ventilated interior surface that acts as an acoustical barrier. Each unit can accommodate up to six pole-mounted flat screen monitors and two CPU units as specified by the user.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Chapel Hill, North Carolina