Kinzie Tower

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

Ascending above a heavily compressed triangular site, a geometric glass and concrete fašade expresses an abstract statement on the Chicago River.

Triple-level units were envisioned for each resident - a centralized living / dining space on the middle level, an upper level master suite, and a lower level guest and entertainment suite. Large balconies carved into the fašade on the middle level allow each unit a lush patio space.

A roof garden adorning the building and the tall plaza space under the building were intended to be landscaped with native plantings and sedum, accentuating the intention to achieve LEED certification.

A sunken parking level judiciously integrates car elevators to allow adequate on-site parking due to the confinement of site boundaries.

The accessible terrace flowing around the plaza resolves an awkward pedestrian connection between the adjacent commuter bridge and existing river walk and creates continuous vistas.

A wide plank bridge crosses directly over a lush inset garden at the south and a stair and lift complete the connection at the north.

On the west, a spire of light is expressed at the elevator shaft while additional balconies for the adjunct levels are inset in the fašade.

Frye Gillan Molinaro Architects
Chicago, IL